Dramatis Personae

Mrs Stoat - The main character.
Mr Stoat - Mrs Stoat's devoted husband.

Mama Marmot - Mrs Stoat's mother.
Papa Marmot - Mrs Stoat's father.
Junior Marmot - Mrs Stoat's brother.
Ms Loris - Junior's wife.

Mama Stoat - Mr Stoat's mother.
Papa Stoat - Mr Stoat's father.
Ms Mink - Mr Stoat's sister.
Mr Fox - Ms Stoat's betrothed.

Mr Squirrel - Mr Stoat's boss.
Chief Weasel - Mr Squirrel's boss.

Mr Nightingale - the Stoatbridge Symphony Orchestra conductor
Mr Owl - first chair slide whistle
Mrs Lemming - first chair slide whistle
Mr Goat - second chair slide whistle
Mrs Chipmunk - third chair slide whistle

Ms Hen - Mrs Stoat's best friend.
Mr Turkey - Ms Hen's partner.
Ms House-Finch - Mrs Stoat's friend, Mr Lynx's partner
Mr Lynx - Mr Stoat's friend, Ms House-Finch's partner

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