You know how you have a blog and you really want to write about something that's been making you crazy, but you stupidly gave the link to your blog to your friends, relatives, co-workers, and people you only sort of vaguely remember from high school that are friends with you on Facebook?

The Stoats are a real-life married couple who aren't related to weasels (in a literal sense, but maybe just a little bit in a figurative one). All of the characters from the Dramatis Personnae are real-life people. All of the events in each and every chapter (blog post) actually happened. It's just a lot harder for nosy in-laws to google, if you write your life as a child's book. Although I wouldn't recommend children read this. There does seem to be some swearing, which can certainly be objectionable, and I'd hate for children to come tug at your sleeve while you're having coffee with the neighbors and, with big innocent eyes, say what does 'erectile dysfunction' mean?

But I'm certain we've all been there before, right?

~Mrs Stoat

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